Dying of Boredom is Not Allowed

Boring is a word that no one should ever be constrained to use in connection with your writing. To let your readers die of boredom is the one way of suicide you should never allow. They may die of heart attacks brought on by shock of surprise, they may choke on envious bile, they may asphyxiate on their hatred, but they may never exit by boredom. Boring topics don't exist, only boring writers and authors.

I admit freely that there are slower and faster topics; there are topics that are easier to write about than others; there are stories with more appeal than others. But none of this means that anything needs to be boring. I found writers on the net writing about spiders or the production of tarmac; I don't like spiders and I care about tarmac as much as about the rules of the local knitting club. But these writers actually managed to get me to read their articles from beginning to end. And the interest started with the title.

Having tricked me in with a good title, they managed to tell what they wanted to say in an interesting and fascinating way that kept me on reading to the very end. I do not pretend that I remember what exactly they told me about either topic. But they kept me on their article reading about something I would normally have skipped without a second thought. That is what writing is all about. Getting people to read your articles that wouldn't normally be interested in the topic you were asked to write about.

It is easy to write about something that fascinates you. Let me rephrase that: It seems easy to write about something that fascinates you. There are great dangers in that, too. Being fascinated in something you write about brings added responsibility to you the writer. You have to make sure that the reader is able to follow you in your fascination. You probably presume to much prior knowledge in your casual reader when writing about your hobby horse. 

Maybe writing about something that never interested you would be safer. It means that your knowledge of the matter is on a par with your readers'. As you work your way through the basics of the topic, your reader is able to follow your discoveries and your deductions. When writing about your favorite topic, you probably make leaps and bounds that leave the readers' power of deduction lying in the dust. If that happens, whatever you write becomes boring for lack of understanding.

All this means: If a topic or an article about a topic is boring, there is only one culprit. Writers have to exert their power of imagination to grab readers into whatever they are writing about. They have to stretch their abilities to accommodate all kinds of readers, too. While you make things interesting and readable, don't expect others to share your sense of humor, that is the shortest way to get them into dying of boredom.

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